How to Chat with Strangers

How to Chat with Strangers

Shirley MacLaine once said: "Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends." The invaluable lesson that these words convey is that you should never let fear stand between you and your possible friends. Instead you should use every possibility for making new friends and finding your special friend.

A new learning experience

Unless you are required to convince someone to buy products and you are paid to talk to a stranger online, you should not feel self-conscious when you chat with strangers. One of the best ways to develop your communication skills is changing your mentality. We have our predetermined judgments and biases when we see a person trying to chat with us or when we scan through their profile names and pictures. In our modern society, we have to embrace change and learn from all the things we have experienced and absorbed from that person.

Rejections are part of life

When trying to chat with strangers, keep in mind that it is not only you who has specific expectations. The other person might even have higher expectations from you. Don’t ever feel self-conscious and doubtful if you get rejected. If we waste all our time wallowing in rejection instead of trying the next possible connection, we would not be productive with our online dating goals. Negative reactions are normal since we cannot please everybody with our words and actions. We just need to know what went wrong and make the necessary conclusions for a more successful connection with the next person.

Know yourself

While it is expected that you have to open up when trying to chat with strangers, there is no need to go deeper into details too soon. Are you fine with jokes? What topics do you think you can discuss? Are you ready for flirtations? Are you prepared to meet people who are upfront about what they want? Let’s face it; chatting with strangers online comes with some level of preparedness since it can be rather hostile out there. You have to know yourself, your own limitations and how willing you are to discuss new things, topics and insights with people you just met. 

Be interactive

Do not hog the spotlight. Take your time to reply to someone when it is necessary.
Simple gestures like smileys or even short responses are better than no response at all. Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do to yourself. Interaction is a key aspect of good online communication. When you chat with strangers, you have to be emphatic but at the same time you need to know how to stop the conversation when it really goes in an unwanted direction. 

Learning to end the chat

Ending the conversation depends on your mood, and how enamored are you of that other person. Some chats can be hard to end especially if the other person is still very interested about talking to you. Keep in mind you have a life to live and everything does not revolve around chat.

Chatting with someone can be nerve racking especially online but if you take time to understand your personal goals and motivations when talking to someone, you might end up having another enjoyable discussion with the same person and hopefully, have a face to face conversation in the near future.

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