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  • MissGeorgia, 38
    United States, Colorado
     Male  34  45 Sexy dating
    I feel like a Woman....
  • Temptation80, 42
    United States, Colorado
     Male  40  50 Sexy dating
    For a good times...
  • Ask_me, 52
    United States, Washington
     Male  35  65 Dating
    friendly, open to looking for a serious relationship for happiness.
  • NiceLife, 46
    United States, District Of Columbia
     Male  39  60 Dating
    I do not seek a pearl, my just half that will fit me and I also correposdrait the " FEELING " what.
  • saveasoul..., 56
    United States, Delaware
     Male  55  80 Dating
    I'm a woman, which is tender and sensible, sexual and temperamental. I am open, sociable, cheery, responsive and kind. I find myself balanced person, but not the cold restraint. I am emotional, but not explosive, I understand and feel, where and in which situation how it’s better to act.I want to love...
  • Onlypassi..., 26
    United States, Wisconsin
     Male  20  30 Dating
    Hi everyone!!!! I'm here looking for friends...(euh I don't believe in fairy tails but I believe in love).... so may be more :D
  • MadlenNNN, 31
    United States, Washington
     Male  20  45 Friendship
    Just searching for a good friend for friendship and not only ;)))))
  • chrissylor, 26
    United States, California
     Male  25  37 Sexy dating
    I am single and I like changing my partners very often. I like being acting and feeling taste of life.
  • redneckmav, 31
    United States, Oklahoma
     Female  19  45 Dating
    Well I'm a 28country boy looking for love and also nsa fun to
  • KairaUSA, 24
    United States, California
     Male  18  45 Sexy dating
    just the sexe
  • CaryUs, 46
    United States, Missouri
     Male  25  57 Sexy dating
    I would like to meet someone to fall in love with be happy have fun and grow old with , am not looking for just sex. So if you can do it,I am the one for you.hmm.. a man, who knows what he's doing.. has a sense of humor, can take a joke, can dish a joke, keep interested and coming back for more.. here's an...
  • Greeny, 50
    United States, Maryland
     Male  30  60 Dating
    all I need is love. :)
  • Judde, 33
    United States, North Carolina
     Male  25  50 Sexy dating
    hey gyus!!!don t make it bad!
  • Pinkheart, 39
    United States, Georgia
     Male  25  50 Dating
    We ll just let the nature do all think
  • betty1979, 37
    United States, Tennessee
     Male  30  47 Sexy dating
    I will like to correspond with somebody who is dedicated to be special,love and understanding whom i will cherish and love for rest of life, from any part of the world or religion.
  • AshleyS, 35
    United States, New Jersey
     Male  25  50 Dating
    I was let down and betrayed by men many times. Men are scared of smart strong women with deep!