I am dating a married man…..Is it right or wrong?

I am dating a married man…..Is it right or wrong?

I guess it is the very time to re-evaluate your choice when it comes to determining the rightness and wrongness of dating a married man. Do you genuinely think that together you can work everything out and he will commit to you in the future? Maybe, who knows, maybe he will. But is “maybe” enough for you?

I want you to think over your romantic life thoroughly and accept the fact that being single for some time is not the worst option for you and that it can even help you to understand your real needs and expectations. When you finally accept this, it will be much easier for you to make up your mind and come to a single conclusion. Anyway there is nothing worse than living in an ambiguity.

Dating a married man can be a real hassle for you. You’ll have to count with a number of restrictions: it’ll be impossible for you to appear together in public places, you’ll have to fight against emotional pressure and unceasing sense of guilt towards his spouse and kids. But dating a married man requires even bigger sacrifice from your side: you will have to hold yourself back from visiting him in the workplace or calling whenever you need, but what is more harmful you will have to deal with the concept that he does not belong to you and you do not have all of him for only yourself. You cannot get rid of such thoughts. Are you ready to bear it all? Can you put up with being “the other woman” in his life?

Once I asked one of my colleagues what she thinks about dating a married man, she thought for a minute and asked; “do you like fudgy chocolate cake?” I got surprised with her question but answered that I do. She continued; “Hmm…..Delicious….it tastes so good……. but no small piece passes without any unwanted influence on your body”, a little pause and she went on; “the same is with dating a married man – you feel good at first, but days pass by and its harmful influence grows.”

I am not that categorical about it, but I think that at least it makes some sense to think over her words. Maybe being single is the best option for you at present?

So if you feel there is no way for you to make him yours, you’d better get out of addiction and start everything with a blank sheet of paper. And if you really think about having a happy and strong family you need to quit it all right away and find a partner in accordance to your needs and plans for the future. Sure at present you feel comfortable as the feeling of love predicts all your actions and decisions, but what will be when the dose is cut down? Does this concern you anyhow? I dare to think that it does.

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